Industry Contact Point

ICP Coordinator

ICP Coordinator supports all Industry Contact Points in the area of ​​their activities, in particular in the field of:

  • organization of nationwide matchmaking, networking and brokerage events addressed to domestic and foreign scientific and business partners
  • assistance in identifying and acquiring partners by ICP for projects under the Programme, including cooperation with research organizations, entities financing scientific research, public administration units and entrepreneurs
  • organization and participation in specialized workshops and training sessions within the scope of the Programme
  • information and promotion activities regarding the operation of Industry Contact Points
  • information and promotion activities concerning European partnerships financed under the Programme
  • coordinating ICP cooperation with international organizations and representing them on the forum of national entities participating in the Programme

Partnerships: Made in Europe

Łukasiewicz Research Network – ITECH Institute of Innovation and Technology

Łukasiewicz – ITECH deals with technology assessment, operating within the Łukasiewicz Research Network. Our goal is to provide expert knowledge on the effects of introducing new technologies to support the decision-making processes of public administration, business and citizens. We would like society and the economy to benefit as much as possible from technological development, while minimizing the associated risks. We are guided by the idea of ​​socially responsible technological development.


Industry Contact Point:




Industry Contact Points Coordinator

Łukasiewicz – ITECH

ul. Żelazna 87, 00-879 Warszawa